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Help! I don’t have a green thumb!

By Laurie | March 20, 2009

It’s been one of those weeks. It’s been one of those months. It’s been one of those years. It is only March though. Things will get better, right?

I mentioned earlier this month that we cancelled our lawn service. We have a perfectly good lawn mower, and I have two perfectly good legs. It’s also kind of fun. For some reason weeds are a really big problem in our neighborhood. We hired a weed service last year who came and we still had weeds following their treatments. I finally had to fire them. Why pay $40 for nothing? Right now our front yard has a few, but our backyard is overrun with all different kinds of weeds. What gives? We decided to go ahead and call out a new service to get those taken care of. Here’s hoping.

It is also the time of year that D starts worrying about fire ant control. Last year we had a horrible time with them even though we had someone come out and treat our lawn for ants and other pests. I think he found a website that suggested pouring boiling water on the mound to get rid of them, but I kind of think that just peeved them off. They just moved their mound somewhere else. I am more of an Amdro kind of girl, but we were worried about Brownie’s safety and have been really careful.

I have found some good advice on the link above, but does anyone have any other suggestions for ways to eliminate ants? I want to go out and plant some tulips before Easter, but I don’t want to have to deal with them.

Edit: Scotts weed folks came today (3/23). We shall see if there is a reduction in both weeds and pests.

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6 Responses to “Help! I don’t have a green thumb!”

  1. We are having major weed issues as well! I just can’t keep up. I don’t know about ant issues yet. Though I know our land lord put down those trap thingies before we moved in. I don’t wanna deal with weeds and ants!

    While your pent up at home with out transportation, let me know if need to run an errand or just need out of the house during the week. I’ll come get ya, if you don’t mind riding in the mom mobile. :)

    Jean M.s last blog post..They’re Having A Party!

    Posted by: Jean M.No Gravatar on March 20th, 2009 at 1:21 pm
  2. I’ve heard or read somewhere that ants don’t like coffee grounds. My husband and I have been collecting coffee grounds from local Star Bucks ( they give them away free) and using them around the house in our flower beds, they are great for the plants AND really do seem to be shooing the ants away. We haven’t had one ant “break in” in the house yet – and we had a lot of episodes last summer. It is worth a try!

    Stacys last blog post..First Day of Spring 2009!

    Posted by: StacyNo Gravatar on March 21st, 2009 at 9:59 pm
  3. Stacy- thank you so much for the tip! We will definitely have to try out the coffee grounds method. Hubby found a new outbreak near our back door last night and is dying to get rid of them! Plus we frequent Starbucks anyway.

    Posted by: LaurieNo Gravatar on March 23rd, 2009 at 3:06 pm
  4. Jean- I just don’t know where they could all possibly be coming from. I am so embarrassed though! I keep waiting for the Scott’s people to show up. Any day now and hopefully they will start dying off.

    Thanks for the offer. I have been a complete hermit the past few weeks. If you are bored and want to take that trip to IKEA, let me know. I definitely don’t mind your car, silly!

    Posted by: LaurieNo Gravatar on March 23rd, 2009 at 3:10 pm
  5. I,ve heard somewhere that ants hate the mint scent, so plant some meant. I haven’t used this method yet so i can’t tell you that it works 100%.

    Posted by: gemspaceNo Gravatar on March 26th, 2009 at 4:51 am
  6. We had fire ants trying to come indoors and used cinnamon near the door. It seemed to help.

    Crazy Daisys last blog post..Lately…

    Posted by: Crazy DaisyNo Gravatar on March 28th, 2009 at 5:42 pm